Saturday, July 14, 2012

Introduction to Preschool Section

I've taught preschool for many years.  I have a background in Speech-Language Pathology and have worked one on one with many children ages birth to 5yrs.  This area of the blog will be to visit the most useful strategies and ideas for the classroom and at home.  I also like to encourage teachers to remind their parents to practice developmental skills at home.  I can not tell you how many parents I've worked with that didn't give their child a pair of scissors or play-dough because it would cause too much of a mess.  I'm here to empower parents and teachers to let their preschoolers make a mess in a safe environment.  Preschoolers need a place to develop their likes and dislikes, master skills, and improve social abilities.  By building a healthy, thriving preschooler, we are building strong, masterful thinkers.  Yes, I do believe that education starts in preschool.  We'll start with developmental charts and work our way from there.  The following are developmental charts for emotional and educational growth.

Zero to 3 has a nice list of developmental charts for you to check out. Look on the left sidebar and you will see the choices.

I look forward to growing preschoolers with you.

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